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For best results, all four of our products should be installed using the guidelines below:

Summer Installation:

Summer application of all of our products (DRY STALL, CEDAR DRY, BEST CEDAR and BEST PINE) will break up the hard clay and leave a safe and soft footing for your horse.

For best results pre-wet the stall area and spread the product of choice to a thickness of 2 to 4 inches. The horse will work the material into the ground itself or you can speed up the conditioning process by mixing, spading or rototilling the product into the soil.

Winter Installation:

When installing any of our products (DRY STALL, CEDAR DRY, BEST CEDAR and BEST PINE) before the rains, simply cover the entire stall to a thickness of at least two inches.

If you are installing the products after the rains, simply remove the muck and cover the entire stall or just place the product over the mud.

How Much to Use:

Stall Size 40 lb. bag
Urine Spots 1-2
12 X 12 4-6
12 X 24 5-10
24 X 24 11-15
Urine Spots 1-4
12 X 12 5-10
12 X 24 11-20
24 X 24 21-30

For Existing Mud and Standing Water:
Use a one inch layer of product for every one inch depth of mud or water.

To Prevent Mud and Puddling Before it Happens:
Apply a 2-3 inch layer of product onto solid base. When moisture or waste occurs, all the products will go to work!

One 40 lb. bag of any of our products will cover 24 sq. ft. with a one inch layer.

For Larger Spaces, Use This Formula:
_____ Sq. Ft. divided by 24, multiplied by _____ in. (depth needed) = Number of 40 lb. bags.